Creating Feng Shui In Your Office

Everything For Offices Feng Shei
Here are some Feng Shui office rules designed to attract success in your professional life, eliminate stress and provide positive energy and better productivity.
Desk location
The desk should be placed in such a way that you face a window or at least facing the door. Never work with your back turned to the window because it is considered an attitude that will attract bad luck and drive away opportunities and perspectives.  For office furniture that fits this style look to
Everything for Offices of Denver.
Sunlight attracts promotion
One of the rules of this Asian art which is Feng Shui states that any working space should get natural light. Artificial light may complement it, but natural light is a must in any office.  Sunlight will warm the entire room, attracting and maintaining positive energy, as well as vitalizing you during all those long working hours.
Statuettes relieve tension and stress
In Feng Shui art, statuettes have various meanings and symbolize different things. It is believe that they have the power to improve our lives. For offices, the most suitable statues are those representing roosters (they drive away animosity), dolphins (they bring peace), the figurine Chi Lin (it brings prosperity), the dragon (placed in the east corner of the room, it attracts luck).

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Staying Up To Date On Office Etiquette

office etiquette office chairs space ergonomic environment
Regardless of where you work or the position you occupy within an office, there are certain implicit and common sense rules that most people have to respect in order to contribute to the creation of a pleasant office environment. Besides behaving in a polite manner and avoid arguing in public, there are other aspects to take into account if you work in an office.
Read the following etiquette rules and apply them daily!

  • Do not eat in the office. Regardless of whether you eat a summer salad or a Shaorma, the smell of food spreads throughout the entire office, which is disturbing for the other people. Go to the dining area or go out, if the weather is nice.
  • Use headphones if you listen to music. Do not force your colleagues to listen to the music you prefer, as this is aggressive and rude.
  • Put the phone on vibrations. Do not turn off the sound of your mobile phone only when you are in meetings, but also when you perform your daily professional tasks. The sound of the phone, as well as you talking loudly personal matters is not nice.
  • Know the names of your colleagues. Even if you are one of the people with a very poor memory, try to remember the name and position of each colleague, so you know who you are dealing with.
  • Use perfume, but do not exaggerate. Even if you are very excited about wearing your new perfume, avoid using it too much, because, in a closed space, it can be just as disturbing as the smell of food. Do not force your presence into other people.  For overall good atmosphere keep your space clean and inviting incorporate ergonomic office chairs for comfort.

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Common Myths About Office Culture

Common Facts Myths Office Cubicle Talk
If you work hard, you get a promotion
Many people believe that working in an office can help you get a fast promotion, if you exceed the expectations of your employer. This may be true in some cases, but it is not as easy as it sounds, as the office culture can be very tough. If you ignore the politics and the culture of the company, or do not know how to promote yourself and build your personal brand, you can only dream reaching the next level.
You are productive and dedicated if you arrive early at the office and leave late
As with many other myths, there is a bit of truth in this, because many employers tend to appreciate more those employees who are willing to work overtime. Between two employees who share the same tasks, the one who sacrifices their personal time to accomplish a professional task will always look more involved. However, you do not have to be a genius to realize that some of these employees only fake productivity because they are exclusively interested in making a good impression and get some personal advantages out of it.
At the office, you have a second family! 
Current office culture emphasizes the working environment, which is often presented as a second family. This is an exaggeration, and you will realize sooner or later that those team building sessions do not really build much if people are not genuinely interested in building relations and making things work better.  It is always good to respect each other at that level and know how to work good together even though there are differences.  Having above standard office cubicles Denver stores offer is a great way to give each other their space, but still exemplify your personable side.

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Keeping Your Home Office Organized

Organized Home Office Furniture Everything For Your Office
Many of the people who work from home often experience a lack of productivity, which is caused not by the environment, but by the way their workspace is organized. To help you, we have put together some organizing tips.
·       Opt for a minimalist style
To be able to properly stay focused on your work, the space needs to be as simple, clean and airy as possible. Use simple furniture and avoid decorating too much – a plant or photo frame is enough.
·       Choose adequate colors
Neutral colors are the best for your home office. If you have too many colors around your work space (or they are too intense!) they will be distracting.
·       Vertical organization
Most of us cannot turn an entire room into an office. The solution? – Install some shelves above the desk or on the wall next to it, to take advantage of the empty space. However, do not forget that crowding the space is not a good thing.
·       Make sure you have proper lighting
“Proper” lighting means a combination of natural and artificial lighting that would allow you to work comfortably, whenever you have to.
·       Maintain order 
Clean your desk after each working session. This way, the next day, you will feel much more comfortable and willing to start working.  Find all you need for your home office at

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Great Furniture Ideas For Your Home Office

Modern Office Home Office Furniture Designs
Having an office in the house is important not only for those who work from home, but also for individuals who spend a lot of time on their computer/ laptop, doing other things than working (e.g. gaming).
Being a place where creativity and productivity must reach maximum levels, the office itself and the space around it must be properly lit, ventilated and include elements that the user likes and needs: plants, favorite colors, organizing accessories and of course, comfortable office furniture.
If you have too little space in the room where you want to place the desk, you can think of how to best incorporate it into your furniture design. Although the ideal solution is to use custom made modern office furniture Denver stores sell, not everyone can afford it. The colors of the desk must be similar to those of the other furniture in the room, or be a successful complement. A long desk between book shelves or between furniture cabinets in the living room will look like just another elegant component, without disturbing the overall design.
A small office can easily be integrated inside a larger furniture item that will mask it. If you decide to place a desk in the bedroom, you can hide the desk and chair behind a sliding door high enough to also cover a few shelves above the desk. Alternatively, you can opt for a folding desk.

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Tips For Staying Productive In The Office

Office Cubicles Help To Focus Employee Productivity
The time spent at work does not automatically ensure increased productivity and maximum efficiency. Being productive means being able to perform different tasks, with a considerable impact, in a short period of time and without overwhelming yourself with unimportant details.
As a general perspective, productivity implies the ability to properly coordinate yourself and your professional habits.
Here are some examples of carefully managed activities that can increase your productivity.
Focus on the important things
The most important thing is to remove, right from the beginning of the day, all the unimportant aspects and make a list with things that must be done. Evaluate each task individually and sort them according to the importance, value and impact they have on the final results.
Make sure you take advantage of your breaks 
Productivity does not require robotic work without taking any break, on the contrary. Working without breaks negatively influences productivity.
Avoid multitasking
Even if the term is in vogue, at least among certain people who typically like to brag about their fantastic capabilities, multitasking should be avoided because it can lead to a significant decrease in efficiency, caused by the effort needed to refocus attention to solve the problem initially abandoned. Multitasking typically involves poorer quality work.
Providing employees with private work space with office cubicles that provide a quiet environment also helps with high productivity.

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Basic Office Safety Tips

Everything For Office Safety First Tips
The use of the norms of labor protection in the office has the role to contribute to the improvement of the working conditions, to the elimination of the causes that may cause accidents and occupational diseases – all these by applying modern security procedures, by introducing new ideas resulting from the researches and by proper overall organization.
Office work is diverse, professions vary widely, some require a high level of skills and knowledge, while others are not so demanding. Most of the office work relies on a computer. There are a few minimum safety and health requirements for working in front of a screen.  Although you should have good ergonomic work space including an ergonomic office chair from places like Everything For Offices who have a wide range of office furnishings.
Work protection measures in the office involve maintaining healthy and safe working conditions. Employees will be instructed to maintain, to recognize and announce any potential danger and to follow the instructions for using office equipment and accessories. Workers who are to perform activities for several hours a day in front of a computer are assigned to the job only after a medical examination.
Another important element for ensuring office safety and prevent accidents and professional illness is lighting. Lighting fixtures should be placed in such a way that they reduce the risk of fatigue and eye disease. 

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Avoiding Office Fatigue With Ergonomics

office ergonomics office chairs
Ergonomics is a science that deals with the design and construction of a workspace, the installation of appropriate equipment and furniture. The optimal ergonomic design aims to prevent the ailments and the pains that can appear due to the intense repetitive effort.
It is necessary to emphasize that the central part for an ergonomic office remains the chair. The newest office chairs are thus designed to meet modern prevention requirements, but having such a chair is not enough. You have to adjust it properly and get used to practicing the correct position in the office.
Do not underestimate the benefits of ergonomic office chairs. The correct body posture when you work at your desk is essential for your health and overall efficiency. When the chair is well adjusted, it will be easier to position the other elements: desk, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
The basic ergonomic principle is to maintain a neutral posture while working at a desk. These neutral postures refer to the alignment and balance of the body, exerting minimal pressure on the organs and keeping the joints aligned.
It is important to know which positions are incorrect in order to avoid them. One of them is when the back does not stand upright, and the weight of the body is focused on an elbow put on the desk, for support. Crossing legs while standing at your desk is another posture that forces the body to stay in an unnatural position.

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What Type of Lighting Is Best for Offices?

Office Lighting Green Chairs For Sale
The lighting used for illuminating office spaces does more than just dissipate darkness – the lighting used has an impact on energy bills, on the health as well as on the productivity of the people working in the office and it also sets the general atmosphere in the room. Here are some of the important features of correctly chosen office illumination:
          Energy efficiency – the best lighting solutions for energy savings are LED lights. These modern bulbs convert almost all the electricity they need into light, transforming only about 5% into heat;
          Eye health – how healthy the lighting in an office is determined not only by the brightness of the light (which should be over 800 lumens, ideally), but also by color temperature. Measured in Kelvins, color temperature is practically the color of the light emitted by your bulbs – 2000-3000 K light is perceived as cozy; 3100-4500 K light is crispy white, while 4600-6500 K light is similar to daylight, therefore it is the healthiest for office work;
          Combined light – one central source of light cannot illuminate an entire office, therefore ideally, the illumination in your office should combine overhead lighting as well as separate lamps used on the desks.  Also look for office chairs for sale that are made of mesh that allows the light to flow through them.

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Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Stylish, but Organized

Big and tall office organized furniture
Whether you work from your home office, from a cubicle that is a part of a large office or you have a larger space at your disposal, owning the space is very important for your well-being as well as for your productivity. Here are some tips to help you keep your space stylish and organized at the same time even with incorporating big and tall office chairs in your office:
          Get organizers and holders – trays for your incoming and outgoing files and small holders for your writing utensils are essential for being able to find everything you need in a second and to keep desk clutter at bay. You can use colorful items or, if you are into crafts, you can also make your own pieces;
          Use your organizers and holders – trays and holders are useless if their contents are not sorted regularly. To make the process more efficient, label your trays to know exactly where to put the document that you have just finished working on and pay attention to scrap any pens or pencils that are no longer working;
          Have some unique, stylish items in your space – a stylish, vintage lamp, a small sculpture that you love or an heirloom paperweight are great items to personalize your space and to add your signature style to it without adding clutter.

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