Where to buy discount office furniture

Setting up an office is not easy; there is a lot of prospective work involved in the process, in order to find furniture and equipment suitable for your needs and preferences. Office furniture is not cheap, but there are ways to find functional and attractive designs at a good price.

The first rule is to make a realistic estimate and cut it close. There is no need to buy extra pieces of furniture; storing them will be a burden, not to mention that there is no reason to pay for something that you are not using.

Here is the basic office furniture that you must consider buying, as well as some suggestions to save money.

•Desk units

 •Filing cabinets

 •Office chairs

Typically, all these pieces of office furniture are pricey, and if you are setting up a big office for many employees, costs will quickly add up. Normally, you should be able to find discounts offered by some stores, but you can also check local auctions for better prices, or second hand offers.

Additionally, you can replace office desks with cheaper kitchen tables and compensate the lack of shelves with drawers placed under the sides. Also, at least in some cases, filing cabinets can be replaced with cardboard storage boxes or some of those bankers boxes made of steel and corrugated fiberboard. They are surely cheap and strong enough to store all the paperwork.

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Great office design ideas

It has been said for some time now that changing periodically the interior design of an office has the benefit of keeping the employees more motivated, in an active, captivating, unique space and showing that the company really cares about the environment in which the staff is working every day.

This is true. In a personalized decor, you will feel more energetic and inventive, in all the activities that you get involved, because every detail in that space counts.

When considering new office interior design, you should take into account partitioning the space in order to create a good working environment for everyone. There are currently plenty of wall and half-wall systems available for offices, either simple or double, with matt or transparent glass, demountable or mobile, so why not using them creatively, in your office? These systems are adapted to today’s climate in which companies are evolving, being more cost-effective in the long run than walls with a permanent structure.

The inclusion of new video and multimedia technologies in an office is also becoming more and more important. Mobility is a key factor, as companies prefer wireless screens and projectors, devices that can be controlled directly by mobile devices.

Offices become increasingly creative spaces. Following the example of IT companies, famous for their unconventional office designs, more and more companies are turning to informal design solutions, to increase the energy of their employees.

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Do Standing Desks Make Sense For You?

Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of many health problems – it causes body fat to accumulate in places that are difficult to train, it slows down the blood flow, causing circulatory problems and it strains the back, the arms and the thighs, to mention just a few of the negative effects of spending too long too often in a seated position. Standing desks have been invented as an attempt to counter these negative effects in a way that makes it possible for office workers to focus on their work without having to sit in their chair all day – here are some of the most important benefits of these strange, but very useful pieces of office furniture:

– They reduce the risk of putting on weight

– They reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels

– They reduce and can completely eliminate back pain

 – They improve general mood and increase productivity.

Using a standing desk comes with important health benefits, but standing up all day long can be exhausting and can be hard on the feet, so it is probably a good idea to combine work by the standard desk with work done next to a conventional table, seated in a comfortable, ergonomic chair.

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Type of Space-Saving Office Furniture

Office spaces, whether small or large, are no longer occupied only by office workers sitting at their desks, behind their computer screens – offices often need to serve multiple purposes, they often serve as meeting venues, in some cases even fulfill relaxation purposes. This diversification of usage has increased the demand for space saving solutions:

– Items that can serve multiple functions – one of the most ingenious innovations that manufacturers of office furniture have come up lately is the fold-able piece that can function as a desk and a chair, but can be easily transformed into a filing cabinet with a few simple moves.

– Smart storage – smart shelves and drawers are no longer reserved only for your kitchen or your bathroom. Old-type office furniture usually has lots of dead spaces where no one stores anything because whatever is placed inside would be difficult to retrieve later, but modern items incorporate smart drawers and smart shelves that make it easy to introduce as well as to remove items.

– Expandable furniture – expandable desks can serve you well in many work situations. When you get lots of work, your desk can be transformed into a larger table and it can be then folded when work volume returns to normal.

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Office Space Design Innovations

The need to save office space while also making offices more attractive and providing employees with the healthy comfort they need to be able to focus on their work has inspired designers to come up with innovative office furniture design ideas – here are a few solutions that have been tested and appreciated by office workers:

– Airy, multi-functional work spaces – the cubicles that used to dominate large office spaces are gradually replaced with large desks that can comfortably accommodate four or even six people and with separate spaces fitted with comfortable and ergonomic items where office workers can stretch their legs.

– Colorful spaces – according to scientific research, using colors that promote concentration and creativity in offices can improve productivity and more and more companies integrate bright colors into their office designs.

– Community spaces – many companies have recognized that office work is more efficient if the employees can spend their short breaks in an attractive space where they can also socialize with coworkers. Colorful community spaces in pastel colors that get natural light and feature a large table in the center can streamline office communication and lets office workers relax before they face the next challenge during their day at work.

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The Advantages of New Office Chairs

Office workers spend most of their days sitting behind their desks, so having chairs that are comfortable and provide suitable support for the spine is essential not only for health, but for efficient work and high work morale as well. Uncomfortable or damaged seating can cause numerous problems from back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome to circulatory problems and concentration issues, so here are a few of the major benefits of investing into new office chairs:

Ergonomic office chairs correct the occupant’s posture, thus promoting health – sitting correctly, with the back straight, but relaxed, with the feet comfortably planted on the floor and the knees bent at exactly 90 degrees relieves strain in the neck and in the back, allowing the person occupying the chair to focus on work, rather than on changing position constantly to get rid of back pain and muscle tension.

 – Adding style and professional appearance to any office – new office chairs refresh the appearance of the office, transforming it into an attractive and professional-looking space that is a pleasure to spend time in.

 – Motivational benefits – office chairs are among the most important work tools of your office workers, so bringing in new chairs will convince your employees that you care for their health and well-being and will create a positive atmosphere and work morale.

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Cost Of Denver Office Space

Renting office space in Denver is expensive, there is no
question about it, although recent statistics show that downtown rates tend to
go down a bit.

Average leasing rates reached almost $26 per square foot,
which is a record, while downtown rates fell to $33 ($1 down, year over year).
However, specialists advise to not read too much into these numbers, because
Denver’s office market will remain stable. Until now, there were mostly new
buyers fixing up old office spaces, which pulled up the rates for leasing; but
currently, there is a significant new office space under construction, which is
expected to balance things up and keep rental growth in line with the

Owning your office space in Denver brings with it extra money
to pay besides the purchasing costs. First, there is the move, which can be
very costly and troublesome, especially if you have a lot of equipment that
needs to be packed, transported, unpacked again, at the new destination, and
set back up, in its operational state.

Other expensive things are related to maintenance and
repairs. Office equipment is not infallible and you may experience unpleasant
surprises and even downtime. Make sure that you have financial resources to
cover all these aspects.

One way to offset the high rental cost is to consider buying used office furniture. When it comes to buying used office furniture, Denver business owners turn to EverythingForOffices.com.

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Commercial Real Estate Trends in Colorado

Population growth in Colorado will create new job opportunities that will require new space.

Multifamily is expected to show risen cap rates in the future, which will push prices down; the industrial market will stay strong, therefore industrial space will keep being in demand, especially when it comes to warehouses and industrial centers. As about retail, it is estimated that some of the old sites will be redeveloped, and mixed-use retail will remain in demand, even if traditional retailers currently experience some problems and are expected to remain under pressure. The office category will stay healthy, mainly due to many companies relocating to Colorado, bringing more employees and therefore an increased demand for office spaces.

In the last 5 years, vacancies have declined by 50% due to the leasing activity, which becomes more active by the year.

Regardless the commercial real estate category that we are talking about, statistics show that lease rates, at least in the metro area, are at record highs and they will continue climbing in the next years. Finding space, especially in the industrial real estate market, may be a difficult issue, especially in central areas, precisely due to the competition.

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Different ways to save money when you set up your startup office

Setting up your startup office will require high capital investment and you risk wasting money if you are not smart enough about expenditure.

1.Set up an energy saving plan
Those energy bills quickly pile up in an office, so make sure to use energy-saving modes and strategies. After all, it is an effortless and very simple thing to do.

2.Determine your supplies requirements and avoid wasting resources
Keep your supply closet organized, reuse items if possible and do not invest in things that are not truly necessary.

3.Print only what is needed, because excess printing is a waste of paper and ink.

4.Upgrade and reuse computers instead of buying new ones
Determine the operating capacities that you need in your office, install more memory and more efficient programs, instead of taking your electronics to the trash while they are still functional.

5.Consider making some energy-efficient changes
There are many affordable environmentally-friendly solutions, like solar panels or various modifications that allow the use of more natural light, as well as recycled material for decor, furniture etc.

Remember that every little bit of money that you manage to save is important in the economy of your office, in the short and long run. One last thing you can do is purchase used office furniture for your office which can save you an enormous amount of money.

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How To Shop For Office Space

The decision to buy or rent office space for your business brings many challenges. You will have to make an analysis and determine exactly what you need, before starting shopping:
– choosing the desired location
– estimating the amount of space that you are going to buy (based on the industry that you are in, the number of your employees and your financial position)

You can get started with or without hiring a real estate agent, but it is recommended to have one by your side – it will save you a lot of time and stress, in the process. Do not buy property without a special warranty deed, otherwise you expose yourself to debts and other problems created by previous owners.

If you are on a tight budget, here are some useful tips:
•Look for business incubator programs and you can get reduced costs for what you need: space, equipment etc.
•Consider joining a co-working space. Besides reduced expenses, you will have permanent contact with other like-minded people. Alternatively, you can invest in making your own co-working space, which will bring you money.
•At least temporary, you can work at your local library, or share a place with other professionals.

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